Thermal Transfer Tapes

PVC film with 100 My thickness, enclosed the thermo-adhesive. This film is coated on a polyester film, qith thickness 75 My. The special PVC smoothness makes this product particularly suitable for application on fabric and clothing. granting their greater comfort.

The film has been treated with a special coating, which further to improve the strong adhesion of ink, prevent the migration of plasticizers on the surface. This grants a perfect printability, even after long stock time.

It is suitable for ink-jet solvent based, heat transfer of silk screen printings, for application on fabricc, bags, sportswear and so on.

Optimal water resistance.

- printing
- plotter cut and film taking off
- transfer through our application tape FLEX TRANSFER, which both grants perfect image transfer and act as protecion during heat transfer phase through heat transfer machine..


Temperature Time Pressure
COTTON 160-170°C 20-25 sec Middle
COTTON/POLYESTER 160-170°C 20-25 sec Middle
POLYESTERE/ACRYLIC 150-165°C 15-20 sec Middle/low
POLYESTER 150-160°C 15-20 sec Middle/low


Hand wasing or in washer at maximum 60°C.
Dry washable.
Iron from the inner side or use a cloth to avoid contact between the product and the iron plate.


Spool bobbins: : 1500 mm x 25 m - 1000 mm x 25 m - 500 mm x 25 m
Available in white and transparent version.